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‘on-the-job’ training

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme designed to upskill staff, meeting both the needs of the individual and employer. The apprentice will acquire the currency of valuable skills, knowledge and experience whilst achieving a nationally-recognised qualification.

Dynamic Client Solutions (DCS) prides itself on providing flexible training, predominantly ‘on-the-job’ in the workplace.


for Business

  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management
  • Advanced Apprenticeship in Management
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading
  • Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Customer Service
  • Advanced Apprenticeship in Business and Administration
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business and Administration
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Recruitment Resourcing
  • Advanced Apprenticeship in Recruitment
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Sales
  • Advanced Apprenticeship in Sales


for Health and Social Care

DCS  also offer QCF stand alone qualifications. Dynamic Client Solutions (DCS) recognise that many employers want to invest in the development of new and existing staff in order to broaden their skills set, add value to business and future-proof individuals by engaging in personal development and up-skilling. We address this need by delivering Apprenticeships training in areas such as Leadership and Management, Customer Service, Sales, Business Administration and recruitment- All are vital to the growth of any business.

We provide training solutions to individuals such as the 19+ Advanced Learning Loan and Full Cost short courses providing an opportunity to access learning to meet current and future demands.

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“I have been working within a small estates company for 3 years now.  I’ve just been promoted to a manager.  I left school with GCSEs but I have no management qualifications.  My employer has encouraged me to enrol on a management  apprenticeship programme. This is great because this course of study is mainly carried out in the workplace within my hours of work.  Now I am gaining a qualification, training and recognition for my ability of being a occupationally competent manager. My line manager and Dynamic Client Solutions have supported me through this process.  I currently feel a lot more confident in my practices and aim to go onto mentoring other new managers within the business in the future.”

Jason Neill

I left school at 16 years old not knowing what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted to work in an office. Dynamic Client Solutions was recommended to me by a friend.  She said she was doing an apprenticeship level 2 in Customer Service and hoped she would progress to a level 3 once she completed. She said the team at Dynamic Client Solutions were really supportive, they found her  an excellent employer and her assessor was always on hand to give good feedback and guidance.

I’ve been studying my Business Administration level 2 apprenticeship for 4 months now and I love it! I work at a Law firm. My employer is great and I have learnt so much.  My assessor is enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  She is so supportive and I hope to progress to a level 3 after this.

Charlotte Johnson

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