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Duration: 4 weeks.
: £345 – £1,096.
Location: Online, Classroom, Blended.

Aims & Objectives

  • The crucial differences between leadership and management
  • Identify your leadership style and when to adapt it
  • Analysing leading by example and what this means within your organisation
  • Discovering the various motivational drivers of your team
  • Exploring the power of outcome driven communication
  • Enhancing behaviours to increase leadership and follower buy-in


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a clear idea of what leadership means, to you and others
  • Appreciate your own leadership style, qualities and strengths
  • Understand the need for flexibility in leadership and how to achieve it
  • Know how to define and communicate an inspiring vision
  • Understand how to use your leadership skills to influence, motivate, inspire and challenge others
  • Be able to apply coaching techniques to develop and manage your people
  • Know how to network and influence those around you to achieve your vision

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Course Description

Business Support Courses
The Level 5 certifications in Business Support are designed for Business Consultant Advisers who work within the SME market and concentrate on the development of skills and competences which enable the building of effective business support relationships with clients.

The Level 5 certifications focus on the business support and consulting process, how to implement change, developing business support networks, reflective practice and the importance of how to conduct yourself in your role.

We offer our business consulting courses at the Award and Certificate level.

Key Benefits of Business Consulting Courses

  • The course covers all essential models and theories of business support processes and the impact they have on clients and their businesses.
  • The course is designed to improve your skills and techniques as a business adviser, giving you a greater knowledge and understanding of how a business adviser should apply these processes when advising an organisation.
  • To pass this course, you will need to complete assignments. These assignments will ask you to apply the theories and models that you have learned from your business consultant training to practical situations, thus developing your skills as a business adviser.

Award in Business Support – Level 5

The Award consists of 1 unit and has a transferable credit value of a minimum of 8 credits.

Course Content (1 Unit):

  • Introduction to Business Support


  • £275 GBP, plus CMI Registration Fee £120 – Distance Learning [Buy Now!]
  • £650 GBP, plus CMI Registration Fee £120 – Blended [Buy Now!]
  • £375 GBP – Classroom learning [Buy Now!]

The course fees cover all study materials, personal tutor support and assessments.

Certificate in Business Support – Level 5

The Certificate consists of 3 units and has a transferable credit value of a minimum of 24 credits.

Course Content (3 Units):

  • Introduction to Business Support
  • Develop effective business support relationships with clients
  • Enable the client to analyse the business and implement change


  • £475 GBP, plus CMI Registration Fee £170.40 – Online Learning [Buy Now!]
  • £850 GBP, plus CMI Registration Fee £170.40 – Blended Learning (online and classroom) [Buy Now!]
  • £375 GBP – Classroom learning [Buy Now!]

The course fees cover all study materials, personal tutor support and assessments.

Entry Criteria – all levels

Students must:

  • Be 19 years of age and over
  • Have previous work experience as a business adviser in any sector or similar job role

Course Duration

  • 2 months – Award
  • 4 months – Certificate

Additional information

TypeMember, Non-Member
LevelBusiness Support Award, Business Support Certificate
PricesClassroom – £345, Blended – £710, Online – £365, Online – £395, Blended – £790, Classroom – £395, Classroom – £450, Blended – £1096, Online – £646, Classroom – £385, Blended – £985, Online – £600

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