Are you an accidental manager?

8 top tips for an accidental manager:

1: Boost your skill set

Take note of the skills you already have and the areas you need to improve on. Enroll in a course to enhance these skills. 

2: Hire a diverse team 

Hire a team of individuals who work well together to reach targets and objectives effectively. 

3: Take inspiration from others 

Take note of the work of other managers and others in your accidental position to see what you can do to improve. 

4: Break your workload down 

Remember what are your duties and try not to take on an overwhelming workload to ensure that you can complete these tasks to a high standard.

5: Don’t be too nice 

Remember you’re now a manager and you hold a level of authority and your staff will be looking up to you for advice and guidance. 

6: Keep an open-door policy 

Remember that your staff will come to you for help and advice, ensure they feel welcome to come and bring their concerns and questions to you. 

7: Keep the 4 C’s

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. 

8: Step up 

Take your new role in your stride and achieve great things. 

Written by Zoe Langhorn (Social Media and Business Development)

Edited by Amelia Banks (Social Media and Content Development)

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