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Case Studies

Kickstart: Ciaran

Ciaran graduated with a first degree in Maths who could not find employment after graduating. So he took advantage of the Kick Start Scheme to gain experience as an employee. Ciaran is one of our former Kick Start employees; he speaks [read more]


Tips for working from home

Tips for Working From Home When working from home, it is important to create a positive working environment to complete your work. Some people may find it easier to work in the office while others [read more]


Are you an accidental manager?

8 top tips for an accidental manager: 1: Boost your skill set Take note of the skills you already have and the areas you need to improve on. Enroll in a course to enhance these [read more]


Perfecting your CV

Whether you are starting fresh or reviving your current CV, you must keep the information concise and relevant. Your CV must grab employers’ attention with relevant information showing your experience, interests and commitment. You want [read more]


Perfecting your Cover Letter

Cover Letters are used alongside your CV to provide your potential employer with more information about you, your career goals and what you can contribute to the company. Often overlooked, cover letters can be an [read more]


Unemployment in 16-24-year-olds

The unemployment we see in young people between 16 and 24, is a result of many factors including education, lack of life skills, uncertainty and covid. Educational institutions have made some steps towards preparing young [read more]