Skills we are using in Lockdown – COVID19

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Empathy and Sympathy
Showing empathy and sympathy for all of those who have loved ones or who have themselves, suffered from Covid- 19. We have also seen an outpouring of gratitude to the NHS and other keyworkers who have been working hard on the front line to save lives, keep us safe and keep the economy going.

At times many of us have become frustrated with the situation we are living through and with being in the same space all day, everyday. We have had to learn to be more tolerant of those around us.



During ‘lockdown’ we have all had to learn how to be more patient. It’s something we will all need to continue to do to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

We know we will get through these unprecedented times and will learn from it and bounce back to be even stronger.

We have had to learn not to fear being alone in isolation. In fact many have embraced it and decided to use the time productively by learning a new skill, home improvements, reading more and catching up with friends and family via Zoom parties.

We have started to think outside of the box. Lots of people have taken on new hobbies or turned their passion in to helping others, such as sewing PPE to replenish much needed stock, helping elderly neighbours and delivery of food parcels.


We’ve had to learn to communicate more effectively during this period. We’ve come together, chatting to neighbours every Thursday during the weekly ‘Clap for the NHS and Keyworkers’, daily check-ins with team members and friends who are isolating alone and daily FaceTime calls between grandparents and grandchildren.

Learning to learn
Many parents have now taken over the role of teachers. They have had to brush up on or learn new skills. And some have even taken this opportunity to develop their own skill sets.

We’ve also seen many workers who have been furloughed take on key worker positions such as working in supermarkets, delivery drivers and working in the adult care sector

Lots of people now have to manage their teams remotely as well as keep their household under control. This has involved many having to demonstrate their leadership skills in ways they have never had to do before (delegation, motivation, direction, vision, negotiation, time management, trust)


Digital Skills
As working from home has become the new normal we have all had to upskill in how to use various social platforms to stay in touch and communicate with colleagues. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, WhatsApp and House Party to name a few!

We are also using these platforms to ‘virtually socialise’ with our friends and family of all ages.

We’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time and we’re still learning! These are all transferable skills that we don’t really realise we are using and building everyday.

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